Front line - Tree full of people

Closer - Tree full of people

Gnarled forests with hidden portals to other worlds. Strange creatures lurk around, odd owls, goblins and evil shadows. Nature spirits that retaliates on humanity. Not only for revenge, but for the dark pleasure. Warnings from outer space, about emissions clogging natures veins, ignored for decades. There lives the mythology that surrounds TFOP:s new creation. There are songs hidden under the moss, lying waiting to be sung.


TFOP releases three EP:s in a series with a common theme – nature spiritualized and waiting to retaliate back. With short intervals, the three albums are released in an increasing intensity. The first one – Closer – are four songs with an almost cosy tone. An early, misty morning with black coffee just before the mystical map is about to be explored. Intimate conversations and a nervous hope for whats to come out there.



Pelle Filipsson - sång, gitarrer och klaviatur

Hjalmar Granberg - violin

Rebecka Martinsson - sång

Rickard Larsson, - bas, sång

Erik Wennerholm - trummor



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